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Divine Enterprises LLC is a family of companies founded by Pastor William A. Brownlee Sr. which offers a spectrum of diverse services with the same goal., helping the community achieve their goals. The company is designed to produce maximum impact for our customers and the broader community.

Divine Beauty Supply Store LLC

Founded in 2020, Divine Beauty Supply Store LLC provides a range of products that meets the needs of those in the beauty industry.


Divine Child Care Center LLC

Founded in 2021, this forthcoming company will provide childcare services at an affordable cost to parents in our community. Parents will choose the company because of the quality of the staff and easy to access community location.


Divine Chosen Entertainment LLC

This company operates a recording label that works directly with artists to help them reach their full potential. Artists often choose the company because of its policy surrounding ownership of artist master recordings. 


Divine Chosen Realty LLC

Founded in 2013, Divine Chosen Realty LLC acquires and develops properties. The company offers affordable rental properties and local contractors to stimulate the local economy. 


Divine Décor and Event Planning LLC

Founded in 2020, Divine Décor and Event Planning LLC is a full-service interior design and event production company serving clients' needs. The company plans baby showers, weddings, receptions, and ceremonies for a wide variety of clientele.


Divine Financial Services Inc.

Founded in 2020, this company focuses on helping clients reduce or eliminate generational wealth gaps. Services include education and resources on the following topics: business credit, credit repair, grant writing, investing, real estate, marketing, and accounting. The mission is to help clients achieve financial independence.


Divine Photography Studio LLC

Founded in 2020, this company allows creatives in the photography, videography, and advertising fields access to a professional studio with lighting, backdrops, and other equipment at an affordable hourly rate. 


Divine Styles Salon LLC

Founded in 2014, Divine Styles Salon LLC is a hub to help stylists build their individual brand and develop their clientele. The company provides hair, esthetician, and wig making services. 

We provide a wealth of professional development for our team members, including training, education, and other resources.


William A. Brownlee Sr. Credit Repair LLC

Founded in 2019, the company offers credit repair services to individuals who are trying to build or reestablish their credit. The company provides dispute services and educational information about maintaining proper credit for a reasonable one-time fee.

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