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- Brownlee, W. A. (2020). The Life Changer: Quotes 4 Life. Amazing Reads Publications.


Dr. William A. Brownlee Sr.

Dr. William A. Brownlee Sr. was born and raised in
Philadelphia, PA on April 15, 1987. The presence of God has

always been prevalent upon him at such a young age in the church. He attended the Church of New Hope and Faith located in the heart of West Philadelphia under the tutelage of Bishop James McNeal Jr. Throughout his childhood, many would say that there was something different about him and that the presence of God was present upon his life. In 2003, Bishop McNeal began
to build his spiritual foundation from the young age of sixteen and anointed him to be a Sunday School Teacher.

In 2006, God continued to move expeditiously in his life and rewarded his servitude and dedication and he was elevated to a Junior Deacon.

Dr. Brownlee graduated high school and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology on a full athletic scholarship to Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. While attending college, God petitioned for a full commitment from him which led to a full sacrifice of his NFL football career and an opportunity of a lifetime. In 2012, he fully surrendered to the call upon his life and began to serve in the Ministry at New Hope and Faith where he was ordained as a Minister. The impartation and cultivation that he received in his youth under Bishop James McNeal Jr. prepared him for the call and mandate that God placed upon his life. He later went on to pursue his Master of Divinity at Palmer Theological Seminary in King of Prussia, PA. Yet these were major achievements, they became merely

the stepping stones to some of his greatest accomplishments.

In 2014, then Minister Brownlee, continued to walk in his calling and he joined the Pentecostal Church of Christ under the leadership of Apostle Julia Bennett and was ordained as a Pastor in 2015. While serving as a Pastor he understood that there was a different call that God had placed upon his life for ministry. After his year's reign as assigned,In 2016, he then became the founder and pastor of The New Emmanuel Christian Center of Philadelphia PA.  Dr. William Brownlee lives by this quote, “God does not have a respect of age when it comes to his blessings and promotions, ask DAVID!”

The New Emmanuel Christian Center is in a SEASON OF ACCELERATION! We have now branched off in Los Angeles, California, Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to having birthed three ministries; in 2019, his specific love for the youth,  also birthed Emmanuel Christian Center Leadership Academy. As instructed by God, their focus is to raise up future leaders! His desire to provide opportunities that would change the trajectory did not stop there. Dr. Brownlee has also begun the Brownlee Scholarship Fund (BSF) which feeds the vision to offset the financial hardships of those faced with difficulties furthering their education. Since the Brownlee Scholarship Fund (BSF) has been in full operation, Overseer William Brownlee has given 15 scholarships out under this program.

Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and as a result of much prayer, Dr. Brownlee has officially become a serial entrepreneur; the founder of Divine Enterprises LLC. Divine Enterprises has surpassed cultural stigmatization of African Americans. He is able to regularly give back to the community with a myriad of resources: Food Bank, Clothes Drive, Christmas Toy & Coast Drive and much more. While maintaining 14 active businesses, 5 non-profit organizations, and alongside the operation of the BSF, Overseer has trained business owners with the knowledge of legal establishments and Financial Literacy. Through Divine Financial Services, he has established over 100 black minority businesses. Furthermore, providing over a million in funding through grants and loans.

On April 15th, 2024  Dr. Brownlee was appointed as the Chairperson for the honorary deputy sheriff and Chaplains coalition under the tutelage of Sheriff Bilal of the Philadelphia Sheriff Department. He is even a well known member of the NAACP and Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Brownlee received his doctorates in Christian Minister Leadership at Harvest Christian University while actively receiving a scholarship at Drexel University Lebow for a degree in executive MBA. With years of financial history, owning his own credit repair company and previously working in banking from a teller to a business banker he is now currently serving as a bank executive at Chase Bank in the role of a branch manager, all while working as a Licensed realtor of PA. He attributes these pursuits for the sake of mentoring the next generation while raising his four children by the name of William A. Brownlee Jr. (12), Takai Whiting Scott(12), Ty Brownlee(11), Trinity Brownlee(7).

Dr. Brownlee now shepherds over 500 members. Not including those of which follow him via each of ECC’s social media platforms. Impacting lives, one community at a time. Dr. Brownlee aspires to save as many souls as God will allow. By the example set before us Through the life of Jesus Christ, Dr. Brownlee will continue to cultivate many in their spiritual and natural lives. Currently, he has recently joined under the tutelage and covering of Dr. E.Dewey Smith of House of Hope Atlanta. He humbly asks for your prayers as he strives to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to God and as he prepares for what God is going to do NEXT!!!

-Dr. William Brownlee sr.

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