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Brownlee Scholarship Fund (BSF)

The Brownlee Scholarship Fund understands that providing a helping hand to those in need can become the vehicle of transformation for individuals, families, communities and nations. Our goal is to shift the trajectory of the African American community and provide the necessary tools that will lead to more positive outcomes and success stories.

Business Loan

  • Type of Business

  • Proof of Pennsylvania Registration

  • Proof of Commercial Space (if applicable)

  • Bank Statements (6 Months)

  • Proof of Credit Rating (620 or higher)

  • Identity IQ

  • annual revenue

  • social 

  • date of birth 

  • business address

  • purpose of loan 

  • INC documents upload 

  • uplod state ID + social security card 

  • generated contract

Clothing Store
Church Pews

Church Planter

  • ​Registered in Pennsylvania

  • Filed 501 (c)(3)

  • Have a Physical or Store Front Location or vitural 

  • Proof of Spiritual Covering- eh

  • Proof of Pastoral License

  • Board of Directors/Five or More Members


    Current Employment 

    Pastoral/Ministral experience 

College Tuition Scholarship (BSF)

  • Acceptance Letter

  • Proof of Class Registration

  • Tuition Bill

  • Required Courses

  • Current pursing agent 

  • notate if your an athlete, what sport?

  • State, place or residence  

  • Typed Essay (500 word minimum )

  • Topics: I Should Receive A Scholarship... Or I Decided To Pursue Higher Education...

College Friends

Connect with Keller Williams - Homeowner

Investment Divine Chosen Realty LLC 
Buy and Sell 

Interested in sellinng or purchasing a home? 

Contact inquiry:
Detail of home , price

  • Pre-Approval Letter from Pennsylvania

  • Real Estate Agent

  •  Name of Mortgage Company

Financial Hardship ( under BSF)  student ----
for Low to Moderate Income Families

  • Provide Proof of Hardship

  • Landlord or Property Owner

  • Current or previous proof of residency

  • Bank Statements (3 months)

  • Proof of Employment/Consistent Income

  •  Family Size

Family At Church
Image by Sandy Millar

Widowship BSF 

  • Provide Proof of Widowship

  • Proof of Financial Hardship

  • Provide Death Certificate of Deceased Spouse

  • Income statement

  • Family Size 

  • Phycial 

Life coaching ( add calendar for booking)
$75 per hour

psychology degree
pastoral counseling 

counseled over 1000 community members, business owners, and influencers. 

Offers Quote for Life book. Virtual only.

8-5 Mon-Friday


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